Wie zijn we? En wat doen we?


NGO partner Institute for Social Development

Director: Ms. Subhashree Das
Adres: 95-Phase-II, Kanan Vihar, Bhubanaswar, Orissa, India
Website: http://www.isdbbsr.org
Date of
establishment: 17th January 1997
e-mail: isd_bbsr@rediffmail.com
Status: Registration Societies Registration Act 1860
Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 1976
Registration under Sect 12 (A) of Income Tax Act
Registration under 80 (G) (A) of Income Tax Act

Violence-free gender sensitive social development with participation of the poorest of poor woman in decision making.

To achieve violence free life world favourable for women and equal distribution of justice and wealth among women and men.

• To formulate and promote various programmes for the Socio-economic development of the socially excluded community.
• To implements programmes for the rehabilitation and to provide institutional services for the victims of violence against women.
• To protect and safeguard the rights of women by empowering them.
• To strive for attitudinal change of men and women on Gender Eguity
• Reaching out to various groups including youth and providing appropriate platform to discuss and debate on pertinent issues affecting the lives of women and children.
Areas of Action
Public hearing a door step legal support for the victims of Domestic Violence
• To render justice for women at the right time in a right way at their doorstep
• Involvement and sensitizing local Govt. stake holder viz. local Police, District Collector, Doctors, Social activists and lawyers on issue relating to women of their own district.
• To provide reconciliation facility with a view to ensure reunion of both the parties and it is economical for the women in distress.
   Working with Youth-Gender time in colleges
• To understand the concept of gender and its linkages to power relationship within and outside the family
• To understand the system of patriarchy and its different institutions and institutionalization of patriarchy in the domestic sphere.
• To develop the potentialities of students for socially useful activities
Community Based reintegration for Survivor of Violence
• To address the long term rehabilitation need of survivors of domestic violence
• To provide the victims with seed money which can be utilized to create income generation opportunity for them bases on their existing skill.
• Emphasis has been be given on such income generation activity, which yields return immediately,
  Women’s empowerment
• To organize Gender based violence awareness programme.
• Promotion of Self Helps Women’s Cooperative.
• Addressed the health concern of the women as well as the adolescent girls.
• Seek policy and practice change.
• Building good relations with key government departments like Department of Women and Child Development.
Counseling centre
• To provide counseling, referral and, possibly rehabilitation services to women victims.
Awareness Campaign
• Organised marriage registration camps.
• National Environment Awareness Campaign.
• HIV/AIDS awareness camp.
• Health and Sanitation awareness camp for adolescent girls.




Institute for Social Development


Carla Thielen met het team Institute for Social Development



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